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No Exceptions Prison Collective is an interfaith prison ministry unlike any prison ministry you’ve encountered.

Our collective is led by both those living outside and inside the TN prison system who collaborate with other prisoners, family members and loved ones of prisoners, local and national organizations, faith communities, and concerned citizens in order to end mass incarceration in the State of Tennessee, restore families, and rebuild communities.

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Since 1995, families and communities have been torn apart by ill-conceived truth-in-sentencing laws. No Exceptions believes we must enact real sentencing reform in Tennessee that is more consistent with national and regional sentencing reform trends. This is only one step in the transformation of restoring families and rebuilding communities,

By faith we do not mean a passive, wishful hope of a future yet realized, but instead the deep and abiding belief that transformation is possible and that an end to mass incarceration is inevitable. For faith is not passive; it is action on fire. We are convicted by a faith that leads us to the realization that justice and a revolution in human rights will become reality through a way of being in the world that requires belief and practice. The foundation of our faith is the central value and human emotion of love.

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We fight for change because we love. We believe in “impossible dreams” because we love. We believe that we have a moral obligation to challenge and disrupt the powers and principalities because we love. Our faith calls us not to simply visit the prisoner, but to set the captives free.


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