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No Exceptions focuses on three issues for advocacy and organizing:

  1. Sentencing reform—Beginning with the 51-year life with parole sentences. Read HB135, a bill that addresses this;
  2. Internal conditions—Including but not limited to, medical care, policy accountability, abuse, living conditions, and mental health. See HB652 that recreates the select oversight committee on corrections. And HJR226, a joint resolution to amend the Tennessee constitution;
  3. Parole—Substantive reform of the parole system through eliminating retrials, creating meaningful opportunities for parole, and eliminating “seriousness of the offense” as a rationale for refusing parole when it is otherwise clear that an individual is likely to do well in their community and no longer presents a legitimate threat.

We work to achieve these ends through education, legislation, litigation, and organizing. We aim to function as an organizing arm for the families of Tennessee prisoners, as well as mobilize other collaborators and sister organizations toward the fruition of our goals. Through popular education in faith-based communities, universities, and schools, we seek to educate and engage the broader community in dialogue on the realities of mass incarceration, the inevitability of change, and the possibilities of creating alternative paradigms.

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